Michael Filtz: Montréal-based digital strategist, editor, video producer and coffee drinker

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I’m Michael Filtz, a Montréal-based digital strategist, editor, and video producer.

I develop digital strategies and produce web content for a wide range of organizations.

I grew up in California and have an undergraduate degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara and a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley. Since 2009 I’ve worked in and around the startup scenes in San Francisco and Berlin, with a variety of organizations and news publications. I also cover enterprise tech in Germany and Berlin’s startup scene for ZDNet.

I enjoy running, drinking coffee, drinking beer, and playing music. I also make music in an electronic duo called Tolemn.

See the Spotify playlists I maintain:

Post-Rock Electronica

What you can find at filtzexpress.com:

You can also read about my father, Dan Filtz, who passed away in 2016 on resinartist.com

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