About Michael Filtz

Michael Filtz: Digital Strategist

Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by filtzexpress.com

This is the home of Michael Filtz, a digital strategist with a background in journalism.

A long time ago Michael Filtz started out as a journalist. He started writing local stories for weekly independent newspapers, back when weekly independents were big. He then did his master’s in journalism at UC Berkeley, and got his head into the digital space. At that time he did a fellowship with Human Rights Watch, and began thinking about how to use objective journalistic techniques to help mission-oriented organizations.

Since 2009, Michael Filtz has been helping organizations – mission-oriented NGOS, corporations, and startups – maximize their web presence through the development of targeted content and other forms of advertisement. What this means is that Michael helps his clients analyze their websites and what they have on them, and then figures out the best way of increasing their presence, boost their rankings in search engines, and make a bigger splash on social media. He can then help organize their internal teams for producing the content, or use his network of producers. He can also oversee the web development process: adding, updating, and optimizing various parts of a website or app.

Michael has been published in a variety of publications, including the New Yorker and ZDNet.

Michael Filtz has worked in and around the startup scenes in Berlin and San Francisco. He’s currently in Montréal.