Doing a Great Pourover with the Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a great pourover device that is capable of making a great cup of coffee, by controlling for the right variables. To create a good V60 coffee recipe, a good rule of thumb is to use a coffee-to-water ratio of around 66-67g to one liter of water. In terms of temperature, off-boil—somewhere in the neighborhood of 92-95 degrees celsius, is usually ideal, although darker roasts often tolerate higher temperatures. Grind size will vary by total quantity amount but a medium to medium-coarse grind—somewhere in the 8-10 notch from zero range, at least on my Lido 3—is often perfect.

Make sure to pre-heat the V60 along with your cup and brewing device. You can choose to bloom—pre-infuse the grounds with water—or not. Brew time should be in 3:00 range or more if you’re blooming.

Generic V60 Coffee Recipe/Method

  • Heat water to 94 degrees celsius
  • Grind 20.1 grams of coffee to a medium-coarse grind
  • Pre-heat V60/vessel/cup
  • Bloom with 30 grams of water for 35-45 seconds
  • Reset timer
  • Pulse-pour 50 grams of water at a time every 30 seconds
  • Finish pouring by around 1:30
  • Water should completely drain at around 3:00.

The generic recipe should work for many different coffees. However, each individual coffee will have its own sweet spots, in terms of ratio, temperature, and brew time. The key is to tweak the recipe, changing one brew variable at a time, in order to find the sweet spot.

See a list of V60 coffee recipes, based on specific beans.