V60 Coffee Recipes/Brew Methods

Below you’ll find specific recipes and view methods for the Hario V60. These recipes were all created using the older (non-tabbed) V60 filters. In general, the suggested water temperature is between 200 and 204 degrees fahrenheit (~93-96 c), and the suggested ratio is in the 67-68 grams per liter range.

V60 Coffee Recipes



The Barn

La Parcelita



Tasting notes

Very clean cup. Pineapple notes prominent.

Brew steps

1. Rinse v60 filter with hot water
2. Bloom with around 50 grams of water for between 40 and 50 seconds
3. Pulse pour, with around 100 grams each pour every 30 or 45 seconds
4. All water should be poured at around 1:45
5. Agitate a bit with a spoon and let drip

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